(and related stories)

The Upworld, Line by Lion Publications, Aug. 2017

From Now On: The Last Words Anthology, "Erilyn's Awakening" (June 10, 2017)
A short story and prequel to The Upworld. 


The Book of Villains: Main Street Rag, "The Flying Pig" (short story)
Paradigm, "Awake" (short story)
Aurora Online"Eden" (short story)
Aurora Literary Arts Journal"Hummingbird" (short story)
Aurora Literary Arts Journal"Sunshowers" (short story)
Kentucky: Her Story 2012"Breathe Deep" (short story)


Linden Avenue Literary Journal, "Dry Land Fish" (March 2018)
Young Ravens Literary Journal"Where My Childhood Lived" (2017) (poem)
Ruminate"Gas-line Fire, Estill County" (poem)
Emerge Literary Journal"Cafe" (poem)