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"Appalachia is my home, but depictions of the area in movies and books haven’t always been kind.

In recent years, I’ve been happy to see a surge of writing that celebrates Appalachia by acknowledging its flaws but also highlighting its beauty, knack for storytelling, and strong community ties. That’s why I was excited to begin reading Lindsey Frantz’s debut YA novel The Upworld, set entirely in Kentucky."

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Chasing letters - michelle r wilson

"The Upworld is the debut novel from author Lindsey S. Frantz and is published by Line by Lion Publications.

The mark of a good story is one that can draw you in and captivate you. The Upworld definitely hits that mark. It’s been a couple of weeks since I finished reading it and the story is still sticking with me. One thing you should know about me: I pride myself on being able to figure out plots of books and TV shows and movies before the end. I used to annoy my parents and brother to no end trying to guess what was going to happen next. Over time, I learned to keep my predictions to myself, but still continued to guess and put the puzzle together in my head. Well, the Upworld absolutely threw me for a loop. Every time I would think “ah, I see where this is going now,” the book would take a wide turn and leave me pleasantly guessing again."

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